A watch is an important part of any outfit. It defines your style, tells a story, and sets you apart from the world. But modern-day fashion is getting out of reach of the common man. Lack of local resellers, unreasonable prices, and unfaithful reproduction of watches had pushed desirable timepieces out of the grasp of most people. Royal Wrist is the answer to all these woes, providing original and authentic watches on a budget.


To bring premium brands from around the globe within the grasp of every customer.


To provide high-quality, affordable products and services and to use our passion to ensure every wrist is clad with a timepiece that echoes royalty and regality.

Royal Wrist is your way to premium fashion on a budget. With watches that are sourced from International Origins, Royal Wrist is able to provide luxury and grandeur at the best prices so you can express your unique style at any budget. Royal Wrist has garnered a reputation as the biggest seller of genuine and authentic watches throughout Pakistan due to our highly customer-centric approach and original products.

As Real as it Gets

Royal Wrist deals only in authentic and genuine branded watches. Every watch that gets sold on our website, whether it is brand new or like new, can be traced back to the original manufacturer of the brand. There is no difference between the product you see on the brand’s website, and the product we deliver to your doorstep since both come from the same source. So, you can trust as when we say, it’s the real thing.

The Biggest Bang for your Buck

Do you know why? It’s because we get our brand-new watches from the brand’s outsourced manufacturers or authorized dealers. Since they don’t come with an international brand warranty, we are able to snag them up at much lower prices. Oh, and sometimes we also get our hands on promotional watches that come without packaging. We obtain them at steep discounts and sell them as like new.

In a nutshell, we get favorable prices on these products, and then pass on the savings to the customer. It’s that simple.

Worry less – Shop More!

Since we do not follow the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) guide, we are not authorized to provide a manufacturer’s warranty. But fear not, we understand that having a warranty is a major concern when purchasing a watch. Therefore, we have established a warranty policy that will surely put you at ease. A 1-year Royal Wrist warranty and free cash on delivery come standard with all your purchases. In addition, you can get your product exchanged or refunded within 7 days if you find a defect. You can check out our complete warranty policy here.

Creating Fans, not Customers

We at Royal Wrist treat customers like royalty. Once you buy from us, you’re officially part of the kingdom. We are proud of our world-class customer assistance team that guides you through every query and concern. We’ll address your issues and do our level best to earn your trust and satisfaction. Should you have any comments or questions, we are available to assist via phone, instant messenger, live chat, or email!

An uncompromising effort to exceed expectations. An incredible focus on the customer’s needs. And the most competitive pricing you can find online. That’s what we’re all about.